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Goddesszilla Prologue
       Death Ash
       The twenty-three fishermen aboard the Japanese tuna fishing boat Lucky Dragon #5 witnessed the unbelievable sight of the sun rising in the west! On March 1st, 1954 at 6:45 A.M., they saw a large yellow flash of light appear on the horizon to the west. Those not on the bridge of the fishing vessel, saw the yellow light tunnel in through the portholes, causing them to curiously run up onto the bridge with all the others. The twenty-three men all stared at the horizon towards Bikini Atoll (which was still too far out to even see the island). All they saw was a vast blue ocean with a bright yellow dome out in the distance that soon turned red like the setting sun, but this one rose! The crew was simply dumbfounded, at first, and didn’t realize what they were truly seeing.
       Eight minutes passed. The dome started to elonga
:icongtsfan300:GTSfan300 7 3
Jenny Flareon :iconxjkenny:XJKenny 220 99
Boy meets Sunset Shimmer
Warning: Soft, non-lethal vore
Some distance from the human village, near Ponyville, huge trees shadowed the small chase that was happening on the ground as two men ran and looked frantically around the bushes.
“Come out, brat! We will find you soon enough!” The first one yelled, moving more slowly than his partner.
“He couldn’t have ran away, Jack. He is hiding somewhere here.” The other said. “He will tell about us if we don’t find him.”
“I know.” The first answered annoyed.
Both men had a bit scruffy look, with unshaved faces and dirty clothes. The boy they were looking for indeed was hiding nearby. 14 year old wore a blue jacket and glasses as he was lying down and keeping quiet in his hiding place under a large bush.
The men, bandits who had been stalking villagers for days now accidentally ran into the boy, while he was collecting berries and had started to chase him. Forced to go into hiding the boy was now hoping for t
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United States
I am 16 years old I'll be 17 in August 3rd this year.


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